Sunday, August 24, 2014

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The East Coast of Canada has such a natural beauty and relaxed vibe, with so much to see and do. 

My favourite part of my day in Halifax was just being on the waterfront. There's quite a few restaurants with really cute patios (some are a little overpriced, but nothing too bad), and you can't beat just sitting in the sun and enjoying a drink while overlooking the water. I was also fascinated with the idea of jellyfish being visible from along the boardwalk - something this Ontario girl is definitely not used to. 

If the idea of the boardwalk area doesn't appeal to you, hit the road and take a day trip out to see an iconic Canadian landmark - Peggy's Cove. It's not actually in Halifax, but worth seeing if you're in the area. 

I have one last suggestion of how to spend 24 hours on the East Coast, and this one just might be the best. I haven't done it in Halifax, but it was on the East Coast (in the Bay of Fundy from the New Brunswick side) so I'm counting it anyway. It's something you can also do from Halifax... whale watching! Being out on the open water, hoping for a glimpse of marine life, is such a one-of-a-kind experience. I was in awe!

And now for the food. I'm not really a fan of seafood (not even lobster; please don't judge me!) but I definitely enjoyed some scallops while in Halifax. I ate from a small fish-and-chis stand on the side of the road, and was quite impressed. You can't go wrong with fresh food! 

Whatever you choose to do, I'm sure you will find a way to thoroughly enjoy a visit to Halifax.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Athens, Greece

I might be a little biased about Athens because it's where I went on my first time ever in Europe, but I can't say enough amazing things about this place. Whether or not you're a history buff (I'm not), the history surrounding this city (and country) is mind-blowing. 

The Acropolis. The National Archaeological Museum. The Olympic Stadium. Whatever your motivation behind visiting Athens, please go check out some of the ruins. Any of them. All of them. Note: If you're making a trip to the Acropolis, I recommend wearing shoes or sandals with good grip. Flip flops or ballet flats might not cut it - the marble steps and walkways can be extremely slippery. I couldn't help but take a moment, sitting on the steps of the Acropolis, to just put my camera down and really take in what I was looking at. Thinking about how Athens was built and the work that went into creating the city, all I could say was "Wow". 

While much of the culture of Athens is built on history, what is culture without food? Feta cheese, souvlaki, tzatziki... yum! One of the best meals I've had in my life came from Sissifos Tavern in the heart of Plaka. This restaurant has both an indoor seating area and an outdoor rooftop patio, with a remarkable view of the Plaka area and the Acropolis. Service was excellent, and the food was beyond delicious. Plus, if you're not exhausted from spending the day exploring, the Plaka area has many shops and bars to wander through.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Welcome to "24 Hours". 

Here's the scenario: You're travelling from home to a brand-new city. You're only going to be there for about 24 hours, whether by choice or stuck on an accidental, unplanned layover because your flight schedule got changed. You have enough time to explore a bit of the city, but don't want to waste any of those precious 24 hours researching what to see to or do, or where to eat. Where to start?

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

I'm here to help! I'm currently working as a flight attendant out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Over the past few months, I've been given an amazing opportunity to see so much of the world. I also have a real interest in photography (amateur that I am), and thought it would be interesting to combine these into a blog focusing on some of the most fascinating things to do in a city in just a short amount of time. 

Maui, Hawaii, United States.

Maui, Hawaii, United States.

Sangria on a beach patio in Barcelona, Spain.

So sit back, relax, and please join me on my journey exploring this planet we call home.

P.S. All photos posted here are my own, unless otherwise noted. Please ask permission before using them.